Most Current work: Current Work: My current work is primarily digital, created in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. It's like digital story telling to me. My work ebbs and flows roughly every two years. That's a pattern I'm seeing as I review my work. It started when I did the toy sculptures dedicated to my brother Tim. I worked in that medium for two years, I chose toys, toys we never even played with together, but yet they still had meaning to me, the color of them, the idea of us playing with them together, maybe I was just trying to hang onto to him in some way, our youth when we were together. That series helped my with my grieving, I felt like he was with me. Well two years, that's a lot of toys, I don't have a place to store them, so that's where my work begins to change.. The Detroit photo montage series began. I love driving around the city back then, I also got to know the city doing it. Also, there was so much hype on Detroit, what a great city it was, how everyone wanted to come and live here. The outskirts were pretty grim, many folks were displaced. So for two years my focus was the city, outside the downtown proper. The blight, the displaced, it continues, I still work with it the concept and continue to bring awareness to the concern of blight, but now I am digitally creating the scene, work in progress.... experimenting.

I enjoy creating digital drawings, a digital reference of things I find that originated in Detroit. The Detroit series has many aspects to it. The story telling is my toy sculptures, the series inspired by my brother, but now made digitally, sure takes up a lot less space. About my work: My work deals with the human aspects of life. I touch on human frailty, suffering and redemption, current events or social dilemmas. My work may reveal anguish or sadness, it may also indicate a new spirit or faith or just plain silly. My art is about being human being with flaws and humility. I use art as a conduit for inward contemplation, and understanding. Certainly, not all my work is made with some underlying psychology going on underneath it. But what has become important for me as an artist is to understand behavioral motives and try to represent them in an artistic manner. Art has become for me a kind of psychological language. I create simply to express my vision or to understand that “language.”

Detroit Series: Abandoned and Vacant Detroit Series / Detroit Photo montage Just about every weekend I photograph Detroit, anywhere anyplace until my battery dies. The real Detroit, not the little section that has shiny new facades and chic eateries, the "New Detroit". It's hard for me to believe what I see, how much blight there is. Until you drive as far east, west, north and south you wouldn't believe it yourself, it's a burned out city that most turn a blind eye to. Or pretend doesn't even exist, or worse just don't care. Much of this burned out city is the real playground for the children of Detroit. Many beautiful churches, schools, homes are gone because there abandoned, or torched for the hell of it. Collapsing in on themselves due to costly repairs. Stripped and left bare to the elements. I've been working digitally for some time and enjoy photo montage work. I work in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator working layers to create these images. The houses I shoot are all abandoned in Detroit. I exaggerate the color so at first glance you don't notice the house in it's state, then you zero in and see the decay. That's what I want, I want people to see it. My heart, my art to those who live it everyday. I am only a witness, I live in Detroit, but in a little utopia, an area that sixty years ago was called the Black Bottom, the slums.