Creating art fuels an internal drive which stirs my life. My work deals with the human aspects of life. I touch on human frailty, suffering and redemption, current events or social dilemmas. My work may reveal anguish or sadness. It may also indicate a new spirit or faith. My art is about being human being with flaws and humility. I use art as a conduit for inward contemplation, and understanding. Certainly, not all my work is made with some underlying psychology going on underneath it. But what has become important for me as an artist is to understand behavioral motives and try to represent them in an artistic manner. Art has become for me a kind of psychological language. I create simply to express my vision or to understand that “language.” Prior to attending art school, I considered myself a sculptor. Throughout my art education I had been exposed to many fine art disciplines. Working in many mediums: print, painting, sculpture and foundry. Primarily, what I have found is that I am drawn to sculpting and painting. Choosing doll’s, and puppets as a subject matter has many meanings for me, my first painting was that of a “kewpie doll” I had purchased on Ebay, it was the first doll painting I executed, and it cemented my love of painting and the use of dolls as a primary subject. Having never played with dolls before in my childhood it was liberating to collect and “play” with my new found objects. It is my intent when painting a doll to give them a sense of “self realization” as if the dolls were alive. Using dolls and puppets, this subject I find interesting and indeed motivates me. They just work symbolically for me. My focus over the last few years has been to translate a story by the use of doll paintings, and shadow boxes. Recently, I have started making puppets to translate my artistic voice. The use of dolls and puppets as a theme is not unique one, but it does motivate me to continue. My goal as an artist is to portray the dolls, and my puppets to be somehow convincingly human. I work very hard painting these dolls; I want to give them a personality. I work to convey in my paintings the actual material the doll is made from whether it is plastic, wood or vinyl. Each material has its own unique way of reflecting light and thus is interesting to capture on canvas. I want the material of the doll to come through in the painting. With puppets a new found voice for me has emerged, breaking through communication barriers, examining questions of illusion and anti-illusion, creating tension, comedy, how to make the object visually viable? How do I evoke a feeling from an inadament object? These are questions I work hard at resolving as an artist. How do I master the technique and feeling for movement with a puppet, how do I get the viewer to respond, in my endless quest as an artist I resolve these questions by continuing my search and artistic challenges that present themselves to me. Both painting and sculpture have been psychologically and personally rewarding for me. They are a means toward self- expression which I find essential as a person. The subject matter of many of my shadow boxes, the more complex and symbolic, less representational, has been very personal and represents symbolically many of my own personal struggles. Painting has almost become a ready-made subject, without personal baggage to sort through, and frees me to concentrate on technique. Art is the culmination of years of dedication and now, finally, my professional career seems to have merged with my education and artistic pursuits. The process of creating will be an on-going exercise for me and a journey through out my life, which is itself an endless learning process. The destination is as important as the very process of creating. What I do know for sure, as long as I live I will continue to create. Art is truly my reason for being. What began as a means to free myself and work through my feelings as in the sculptural pieces I’ve produced, literally and figuratively speaking, imagining and molding, cutting and welding, thinking and healing, continues with an interest in painting and puppetry as a means of expression. Perhaps less weighed down because I perceive it as a medium to represent reality and the world “As I see It”. Regardless, representational art and abstract art lead us towards the same conclusion and/or inspirations.